Sustainability is meeting the needs of the current generation without impacting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

40% of the energy consumed in the UK is used in the construction and use of buildings. The average 4 bedroom home contains around 200 tonnes of materials, some 84% of which are virgin (never before used). Some 12% of those virgin materials will go straight to landfill without ever being used.

The Welsh Assembly Government has given the home building industry until 2011 to deliver zero carbon houses.

While recognising that it is not practically or financially possible in all cases, we fully support this initiative and encourage all our clients to look at the sustainability of their building.

We are members of the Association of Environment Conscious Building and believe our approach to green architecture not only benefits the environment it provides a healthy living environment, a greater sense of well being and lower running costs.

To that end we engage specialist professionals able to advise on sustainable building materials, energy conservation, renewable energy and environmentally friendly products.